Nokia Tablet Coming in June 2012??


There has been rampant speculation that Nokia would join the Tablet race this year with a device running Windows 8. Well that man above Paul Amsellem (former head of Nokia France) stated to the French newspaper Les Échos that Nokia will be putting out a tablet in June of 2012!!

Does this have any creditability you would ask? It does, he was the leak that broke that the Lumia 800 was not the top of the line Windows Phone device months before the Lumia 900 was introduced.

“the Lumia 800 is a BMW 5 series, and we’ll have a BMW 7 series equivalent soon.”

I can’t wait to see what happens with this leak…It’s gonna be tough saving up for a the Nokia 808 Pure View, and Nokia Tablet at the same time but I can do it!!

Via: Into Mobile