Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 Will Make Nokia 700/701 Even Faster!


Got a Nokia 700 or a Nokia 701?  Great News for you my friend!! The next update of Symbian Belle will make your phone even faster.  Here is the quote from Nokia themselves.

Also good news for Nokia 700 and 701, your handset will be faster and more responsive. It’s not so often that software update delivers an increase in processor speed, but with Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 the processor speed of your handset will go from 1GHz to 1.3GHz.

So you are saying to yourself I don’t have either one of those phones what’s in the update for me? Here is the list of other updates.

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 will

  • increase your personalization options even further
  • 20 new and improved widgets
  •  new, faster browser with HTML 5 support
  •  the latest version of Nokia Maps
  •  Microsoft Apps available via over the air update
  • better notifications bar and a refreshed multitasking bar

So which phones will get this update?

  • Nokia 603
  • Nokia 700
  • Nokia 701

As you can see none of the “older” (N8,E7, C6-01, C7) Symbian phones are getting this “Feature Pack”. Does this mean it’s the end of the road for updating of these phones? Don’t know for sure will try to find out for you.

Via: Nokia Conversions