Great Nokia Lumia 610 Commerical


I am going to say it I LOVE THE LOOK OF THE LUMIA 610….I know, I know, it’s a low end Windows Phone but something about the design grabs me and will not let go.

Perhaps it’s the fact that It mirrors so closely the styling of the Nokia C7 which I LOVE the looks of.  I also know the 8Gb internal storage without an SD should keep me away but I don’t think it will. (If anyone from Nokia is reading this I’d like a blue/cyan one please)

Enough of me explaining myself and my love of the Lumia 610 check out the commercial Nokia put tougher to get the younger crowd interested in one. I think it really speaks to the experience that Nokia expects the user of this phone to have. (Great song BTW)


Before you go be sure to check out the side by side with the Nokia C7. It’s like the Lumia 600 is the C7’s younger cooler Brother.