I Blinked and the Windows Phone Marketplace has 70,000 Apps!


As the year rounded out in 2011 (December 27th)  Window Phone Marketplace had just hit the 50,000 app mark.  Than less than a month (January 22nd)  later it the 60,00 app mark. Now as February gets ready to turn into March the Windows Phone store has over 70,000 apps in it. This means in less than two months the Marketplace has grown over 20,000 apps!  At the current pace the Marketplace should hit the magical 100,000 app number by mid 2012!

So why the sudden interest in Windows Phones by developers?  One would think that Nokia is a key factor.  The partnership with Microsoft combined with the massive ad campaign has made Windows Phone desirable or even dare I say it?  Cool and different than everyone else, Windows Phone owners now feel like they know something before everyone else does not.  Almost like a club that they are trying to get their friends into.

Looks like the combination of  Windows Phones finally moving off the shelves and Microsoft wooing developers has finally paid off!  You know who the real winner is in all this right?  I will give you a hint…It’s not Microsoft, it’s not Nokia, it’s not the developers, that’s right it’s you the consumer!  Isn’t nice to have choices again?