Nokia is Worlds #1 Windows Phone Vendor


From the “That didn’t take long department”  Nokia just over took HTC as the number one Windows Phone Vendor. Which is shocking but not really shocking at the same time.

It’s not really shocking because of the huge push both Nokia and Microsoft put behind the Lumia devices.  It’s really shocking because Nokia only has two Windows Phone devices out and they are not even available worldwide yet.

Nokia now has 33.1% of the Windows Phone market share which means everyone else has 66.9% . This is not bad for the 1st qtr of the Nokia Windows Phone push.

While this is good news for Nokia it’s not great news.  Windows Phone Market share is too small for to really pop the champagne in Espoo quite yet.  But as I have stated before the 1st generation of Nokia Windows Phones is not about taking over the world, it’s more about getting a foothold back in the Mobile Market and it seems Nokia has done just that.