Nokia Carla on New Devices 3rd Qtr On All Devices 4th Qtr 2012


Over at NokiaPowerUser they got a tip from “a trusted source” that :

  • 2nd gen Belle devices 603,700,701 will start shipping with Carla in Q3 2012
  •  1st gen Belle devices N8,C7,E7,X7,E6,C6-01 ( and 2nd Gen as well ) will get Carla as software update in early Q4 2012.It will be a global release as well.
  •  Carla update for 1st gen devices will be lighter version of Carla as most of them lack NFC and  have less than 1 Ghz processing power. But Browser and resizable widgets are confirmed to be coming along with enhanced smoothness and bug fixes.
  • N8 successor is not the last device to be launched with Carla. Minimum two more devices will be launched in 2012 running Carla. Though this source didn’t say anything about N8 successor running dual-core CPU.


So the Nokia 808 will launch with Carla, Nokia is putting out at least three more Symbian phones, My N8 will get the Carla update, and Carla will use the NFC capability of 2nd phones!

If this information is true that is great news for Symbian users and the folks over at Accenture are doing some great work!