Let the Fragmentation of Windows Phone Begin!


Just to bring you up to speed the next release of Windows Phone (called Tango) is aimed at the “lower end” of the smartphone market and will only require 256mb of ram instead of the 512mb required now. This will allow cheaper Windows Phone handsets to enter the market to compete with cheaper Android phones.

You are thinking “So what? That’s a good thing right?” umm..kinda of.  You see all Windows Apps up to this point are written with 512mb of ram in mind and some of them will not run on the new 256mb Windows Phones. So this means the F word (fragmentation) that Microsoft has made fun of Android for so long has now crept it’s way into Windows Phone.   As proven by the screenshot below from one of the new Windows Phone Tango devices.

So what does all this really mean? It really means don’t buy a Tango device spring the couple of extra bucks for a Mango device or you will not be able to run all the apps you want on your phone.  Oh yeah it also means that it’s time for Google to make fun of  Windows Phone.

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  1. mbrett says

    Sorry to say that windows phone devices were already “fragmented” as not all devices have the complete hardware set required to support current apps available from the marketplace.

    An example of this is the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710, as Tango (Video app) supports a front facing camera which these devices do not have. This case is ratified somewhat by the ability to use the rear camera for partial video chat (Only one person can see the other at any one time).

    Another example is “Tools for Phone 7”, which if navigated to via a Nokia Lumia 800/710 on the Marketplace displays the “This application uses features your phone doesn’t have.” as these devices do not have a gyroscope.

  2. Bradley Larcher says

    Though I see Microsoft’s rational, but its unnecessary in my opinion. What they should have done is reduce the prices of first gen windows phones, which will appeal to consumers as first class devices at affordable prices, cause i don’t think people will buy tango devices if the apps their want will not be able to run on them. Then you come out with high end devices running Apollo 

    1. Kevin Everett says

       Your solution makes a heck of a lot more sense than Microsoft’s solution.  I like it!!

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