Is this the Nokia Lumia 610?


So you know me and rumors I don’t report some of them simply because I there is not enough info given to warrant a post …Well this one is only being reported because I trust the writer. But keep in mind I don’t even know who the source of the pictures is so take it with a HUGE grain of salt.

Not only was there the pictures but there was also these rumored specs on the 610:

  • 256mb memory
  • ¬†5MP camera with led flash
  • ¬†3.5inch screen,
  • ¬†interchangeable back covers

The 256mb of ram seems really low to me even given that I don’t know what the minimum specs will be for Windows Phone Tango.

Also the “photo” of the 610 looks a lot like the concept Windows Phones that we saw earlier last year in pictures.

So this could mean either this picture of the 610 has a chance of being more real or less real because it’s a widely circulated picture that would be really easy to Photoshop a Windows Phone OS onto.

What do I think? Don’t really know for sure…perhaps we will find out at MWC later this year.

Via: Nokia4US