Nokia N9 in the hands of @gwapz 1st Impression and Usage Experience.


Last Week I was fortunate to trial the Nokia N9 MeeGo Handset for the 1st time from the great peeps at Nokia Connects. Just received it last Thursday and I manage to use it on a daily basis as my Primary phone. Been really curious about this phone. There are so many mysteries, unanswered questions about the MeeGo Mobile OS. Just really want to find out for myself on what’s it about. Why did Nokia kill it over the choice of Windows Phone 7? Did Nokia make a huge mistake? After I am done trialing with this phone I will let you know my opinion. For now I will share my 1st impression and opinion.

Just like I said above.. I have been using this phone as my primary device since Thursday night and all that is said here in this current post is my 1st impression PROS and CONS I’ve noticed so far. Technically not final. Things can change as I get familiar and learn more about this device. Also whatever is said below is my own opinion and my personal usage. Some of the apps I use might not even reflect you’re usage.

Finally The N9 MeeGo OS version I’m using is the PR 1.1


1st Impression of the device Hardware..

Just beauty, just like what every tech weblog are saying. Props to Nokia on this. Just the as usual top notch premium feel device.


1st Impression on Device Setup..

Setting up the device is actually a breeze and not that hard on this device, just like any other Nokia phones. Just login or register your Nokia account, setup your email, setup your choice of social media, transfer contact from your other Nokia phone via Blutooth or import from sim card and you’re good to go to use it.


1st Impression on the Device User Interface, and screen..

The User Interface is very sleek looking, this is my 1st time using a device with no buttons on the front of the phone. Everything works  by a swipe on the screen. Swipe from left to right, right to left, bottom to top. The swipe is a little complicated, you really have to put a work to it. You have to start from edge to edge or else it will not work. Kind of not my thing. Also the screen is beautiful and vibrant, I do not know why other tech blogs are saying the screen being bad. Also the double tap to wake up is not an issue to me even though I am not a fan of it too. Also having some issue on screen touch sensitivity.  Sometimes the screen is not responding the touch input I make. It usually happens on the bottom left of the screen whenever I hit reply to a message. It takes so many tries for it to work, and also whenever I pick up call. Can’t believe I have to pull up then hit answer to pick up a call, sometimes  the answer box does not even work and I end up missing a call.


1st Impression on Battery Life..

Horrible.. One of the most horrible battery life I’ve experience even comparison to the iPhone. Full Charged the phone when I woke up Friday Morning to go to work. With 3 to 5 calls averaging 5 to 10 mins of conversations, manual push Email and Twitter maybe 5 times or 8x. By around 4PM my battery is dead.


1st Impression on Usage..

Not really liking or not use to it yet of not having a button. So far I’m not liking the swipe as you have to put some work to it to get it to work. Also Not really liking the lack of shortcuts. One annoying thing I’ve noticed that ticked me off was I usually call my friends and family from the my Recent Call list. I can’t believe when I press a contact to call from my Recent Call list, it did not call immediately and it just showed me the contact like how I would see it on the Phonebook. If I call a contact from my Recent Call list I expect the phone to call and not to show me and give options on what to do. Just totally annoyed with that.


1st Impression on Email Usage and Socia Media

Not really liking the email as well. Upon setting up the email I just pick the regular Gmail Setup. Now this regular Gmail setup does not even push emails to me automatically. I literally have to open the email app and retrieve emails manually. Not cool, pretty sure there is a settings to change that. Just worried battery life would be worsen if I make the change. The Social Media app I set up is the Twitter app. Same thing, no auto push. Literally have to open the app and pull screen to update to see my updated feed.

So far these are my usage experience and 1st Impression. I will explore it more on a daily basis and update you guys with another blog post in the next coming Days. Like I said this is my Personal Usage and my Opinion and not technically Final as I’ve had the device for only 3 days. Will update more if anything changes.

Pls share your comments below and if you would like to give me tips on how to change my user experience with the device is always welcome. I am open to any tips.


gwapz signing off..