Rumors, Rumors, Rumors and Why We Don’t Report All of Them


Does anyone ever stop and wonder why you don’t see ALL the rumors on here on Nokia Innovations?  I mean you love to hear about rumors, to stay ahead of the official Nokia announcement calender right?   We love them too!  Just the sheer pages hit we get from a good rumor is great for the site.

Sadly there is one problem…We actually investigate a little bit BEFORE we hit the publish button to make sure that a rumor could even possibility be true.  I was close to writing a post about “the last Symbian phone” but there was not enough there and it just didn’t seem to pass the smell test with me so I didn’t report it.

Another great case in point was the picture of the “Nokia 801” everyone ran with it even though it nothing about seemed real. Look closely at the picture above. Do you see anything off about it? How about he date on the phone?

First it never struck anybody as weird that a phone that is a leak of a prototype phone would be taken 3 months ago?  That combined with the fact the November 1st 2011 was not a Monday at all but in fact a Tuesday?  If that was not enough Nokia Belle REQUIRES at least one physical menu key to work and there was none to found on this phone.

Now this is not to say that we will never report a rumor that turns out to be false it will happen at some point.  It is also not to say that we will not miss out on a rumor or two that turns out to be true.  It’s just to say if you see a rumor reported on other sites and you don’t see it here it’s not because we fell asleep at the wheel here at Nokia Innovations it’s just because something just isn’t right about it.