Windows Phone to Get “Nokiafied” When Apollo Rolls Out?


One of the big advantages that Nokia has over other Windows Phone manufacturers is their “preferred status” with Microsoft which allows them to tweak Windows Phone anyway they see fit. This was one of the things I was looking forward to on the first Nokia Windows Phones however with the limited time frame they had between the time the agreement was signed and the launch of the first Nokia Windows Phone I knew it would not happen.

So the question remained when would we see this Nokiafying of Windows Phones?  According an interview done with Tech Radar Niklas Savander, executive VP of Markets for Nokia we should start seeing real differentiation between Nokia’s Windows Phone and competitors Windows Phone starting with Apollo (aka Windows Phone 8 )

 “When you look within the Windows Phone ecosystem and compare how the Lumia performs, there we have a contractual agreement with Microsoft for a certain amount of engineering which we can use for differentiation.

We made the decision to go to Windows Phone when Mango was pretty much done, so we were able to impact some elements of it but you’ll really see the fruits of what we can do with Microsoft when the Apollo version of Windows Phone comes out.”

While there was no other hints given during this interview Nokia has stated before that they would like the MeeGo “swipe interface” to live on in other phones.  Perhaps Windows Phone Apollo will be the start of that trend.

Via: Tech Radar