Know Your Mobile Game History: Snake


Games on phones use to be so simple…One of the best and most addictive ones was Snake.  I don’t even have to describe the game to you because everyone of you have played for hours on end at one point in your life.

But how much do you really know about the game itself?  I thought it I knew a bunch about it (being a Nokia Geek) but I knew very little it turns out.  The fine folks at Nokia Connects put out a few interesting facts about it that I didn’t know and I thought you might be interested in them too.

ONE. The snake concept is actually far older than the Nokia version. The very first Snake-type game was an arcade game called Blockade. It was created by Gremlin way back in 1976.

TWO. Its popularity grew throughout the 80’s when it made its way onto early Texas Instruments calculators, and home computers such as the Apple II, the Commodore 64 and the BBC Micro.

THREE. As there was no one owner of the game, versions of it were created for nearly all major consoles.

FOUR. Snake first appeared on a Nokia device in 1997 on the Nokia 6110. It was adapted for Nokia devices by Taneli Armanto, a Design Engineer, User Interface Software.

FIVE. Snake was one of three games introduced in 1997, the others were Logic and Memory.

SIX. It’s on over 400 million mobile phones and is now in its ninth version.

SEVEN. In 1998 Nokia 7110 owners could play a local two-player version using their phones’ nifty infra-red connections.

EIGHT. The maximum possible points on level one is 312 and on level 9 is 2008. The points formula is: bits on screen (212) X level (1 through to 9) + 100 bonus points for completing the level.

NINE. Snake Ex was introduced on the 9200 Communicator in 2000.

TEN. In 2005, Taneli Armanto, received a special award from the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) for his contribution to the growth of the mobile entertainment industry.

Special thanks to Nokia Connects for these great Snake facts.