How to Cut a Micro Sim Card/Tips for Using the Adapter


With all of the new Nokia phones going to Micro Sim and everyone having a normal sim card in hand I thought it might be a good idea to post up on how to convert your sim card.

I had to do this myself when I got my N9 and I know just how nerve racking it can be to trim your card.  Than it is even worse to place it back into a phone with a normal sim and try to make the Adapter work. (a many of phones are ruined that way)

I was going to try to walk you through the process, but that really wouldn’t help. So I did a little searching to find the best video on this subject and  this one from Pocket Now is the best I could find.

I hope see this makes you feel more confident about converting  your sim card to fit your new phone.

Via: PocketNow