Want to Customize Your WP Start Screen Without Unlocking? Wiz Titles is Your Answer


One of my biggest complaints about Windows Phone in general was being stuck with that one theme boring “live tile” home screen. I thought all my problems were solved with Chevron WP7 (a $9 app that lets you sideload apps legally onto WP7 phones) Until Chevron hit the magical number of 10,000 unlock tokens sold (which is all MFST gave them permission to sell) and has yet to sit back down with Microsoft to figure out if they could sell more.

Which I thought meant that I would not be able to sideload anything to help a drab and rather boring start screen.  But than…..

I found this video of Wiz Tiles and it cured all that ales me (about the home screen anyway. )

Before you watch the video here is  more information on this app as told by the maker of it.

Who says Windows Phone Tiles are boring? Customize the look
of your home screen with WizTiles.  Create any color, use
any icon, any picture, and load your own themes to create
shortcuts to basic phone applications.
Wiztiles support numerous tasks and shortcuts, and more are
being added every day.  Wiztiles are alive and flip to give
you more information about the custom tile you created.
Wiztiles can be used as links to your favorite sites or web


1. Unlimited customization of tiles.

2. Color Picker enables you to make ANY colored tile.

3. Use icons or pictures from your picture gallery or the
built-in themes.

4. Theme Support: Make your own themes and share with others.
 Download additional themes online.

5. Add tasks or shortcuts to any tile such as phone, camera,
email,text messages, web browser, wifi, bluetooth, airplane
mode, cellular, twitter, facebook, linkedin, windows live,
search, directions, maps, marketplace and more.

6. Live Tile Support: Add text information on the back tile
 and it will flip to reveal more details.

7. Storage Support: All tiles that you create can be saved,
so you can pin them on/off the home screen.

8. Application works great in both dark and light themes.

9. More shortcuts, themes, and additional features are being
added as you are reading this.

10. It's free, what else are you waiting for?


Now this is a 22 minute video naturally you don’t have to watch the whole thing to get the idea of the app.  Just know that it works and if you want more information on the details simply watch more of the video.


It should be noted that since this video was made the maker of this app added these notes.

New for Version 1.1.0

1. No more ads!

2. Performance Enhancements

3. No more annoying splash screen image

4. Added ability to disable back tile

5. Improved overall user experience

6. Removed having to click back twice to reach home screen

Want more information or to download simply click here!

via: WPMVP