Just to Clarify: Window Phone 7 Apps WILL Run on Windows Phone 8


I just wanted to put a quick post up to keep everyone grounded in facts here not rumors.  Brandon Watson sent out the above tweet just to let everyone know that in fact when Windows Phone 8 comes out all of the Windows Phone 7 apps will still work.

Just for background purposes it was in responds to this tweet:

WP8 os isnt compatible with wp7 on app level (u need to rewrite all apps). Thats another os core with metro ui…

So who is Brandon?

I am responsible for apps/developers on Windows Phone…how can we make your dev idea come to life? (email: ThePhone@microsoft)

Yeah, he is that guy, works for Microsoft so I am going to trust him over some rumors being spread. Hope this helps put some minds at ease out there.

Via: WMPowerUser