Google+ and Skype to be Integrated in Windows Phone Tango!


The guys over at got there hands on screenshots of the new Windows Phone Tango and guess who’s coming along for the ride?  Skype (which we all kind of knew being that Microsoft owns Skype) and also Google+ will now get the Windows Phone integration treatment!

Check out the screen shot below:

In this early beta phase is the implementation of Skype and G + still rather experimental. The phone calls via Skype still does not seem to work quite right, but it is prepared. G + Chat and Skype chat to function properly, however, already. The front camera, which will be the next generation of Windows phones is standard, included in the Skype video calling. It is thus possible to receive video calls and to make but in the pre-beta still some problems and crashes. That Google Hangout, video telephony, G +, will also follow, is likely, but the timing is still unclear, especially since the API is not yet progressed from G + so far as to make this possible.