Yessssss…The Classic Snake Game is Available for Windows Phone


If you are a long time Nokia fan like myself you have spent countless hours moving a what amounts to a 4 bit snake across a 2 inch screen and loved it!!  Sadly with the advances in technology the game snake has gone to the wayside well I am here to tell you IT’S BACK!

Not only is it back but it’s back using the old school 5120 keypad just like you remember it.  While there are  no tactile buttons to push other than that it’s dead on.

Snake '97 features:
- old school controls
- original sounds
- 9 original and 2 extra difficulty levels
- a high score that cannot be reset (just like the original)

Have a Windows Phone?  You can download this game from the Market Place (for  .99 cents)  Don’t have a Windows Phone but want the trip down memory lane?  You can still play it here on your computer.

Via: Nokia Conversions