A Nokia Lumia 800 Review From a Symbian Users Perspective


If you are like me you are wondering if you should make the leap to Windows Phone when you move on from you current Nokia phone.  The problem you are facing is that almost everyone who is reviewing Nokia Windows Phone are NOT Nokia fans and have rarely (if ever) used a Symbian phone.  The reviewers really don’t understand your concerns about Windows Phone not being an open platform or that it’s not “really” customizable.

Well I have found a good in depth review of the Nokia Lumia 800 from a Symbian users perspective.  A lot of your questions and concerns are addressed here and IT IS an honest look at the Windows Phone OS.

This review was done by carman58 and he sets the tone of the perspective that this article was written from like this:

I am a long time Nokia fanboi, follower, devotee or whatever you wish to call me ? However my fanboyism is based on the Symbian operating system that Nokia has used for the last few years on phones like the N95, N97, and E7 all of which I have used and enjoyed , yes even the N97 with it’s shortcomings and problems !!! And the announcement of Symbians demise and the adoption of the Windows Phone OS in Feb 2011 came as something of a shock and a disappointment to me , and to 1,000’s of others.Symbian was ultimately customisable, open, organised and mature, WP seemed very closed and tied, similar to iOS and really didn’t appeal.

This article is much too long and detailed to summarize and still do it justice. So I will simple put the link to article here  and trust you will click and read.

Via: Hub pages Carman58