Nokia Store Now Downloads 11 Million Apps a Day!


The Nokia Store is now downloading 11 million apps a day!  This is a pretty impressive number being that Nokia Store is smaller than the average app store.

So who is downloading these apps and where are they from?

The who are primarily N8 and Nokia 5800 owners or a variant there of the 5800 (ie the Nokia 5233, Nokia 5230).


Not surprisingly most of these downloads come from India with it’s large population and it’s love of all things Nokia.


So what apps drive people to the Nokia Store?

It seems that people still use their phone to communicate but not way they use too. Instead of talking people now “social network” and the Top 5 downloads reflect that trend.

Who is making these apps?

While most of your app downloading happens in India and very little of it happens in the United States.  Ironically it seems most of the apps are made in United States and very few are made in India.

What’s the take away from all this information?

There is no take away unless you are developer than this page is goldmine of information of where you should be aiming your apps at. If you are not it’s just a bunch of interesting stats and nothing else.

Via: Nokia Developer