Nokia “Most Trusted Brand” in India


Nokia was huge in India up until a few years ago, than was happening in the US finally started to happen there.  Other handset makers started to win over peoples phone buying dollar.  Apparently Nokia never lost it’s  place in their hearts.

According to a survey done by Trust Research Advisory (TRA) Nokia is still the “Most Trusted Brand in India”.  The survey was conducted in August, takes into account the responses and views on 17,000 brands from over 2,700 participants across 15 cities in the country.

TRA Chief Executive Officer N Chandramouli told reporters  “The results are based on the level of trust every individual has in all these brands.”  This report is good news for Nokia since not only is India a large country with a HUGE population, but they are also becoming a better educated country that has a growing middle class, with more disposable income.

One would think that if Nokia can keep this amount of trust as company in India that once the Nokia refresh get into full swing in India Nokia will be back on top in India once again.

Via: IBN Live