Nokia Lumia 900 Getting Released “Spring 2012” Perhaps as Early as March?


While Nokia is staying tight lipped on when the Lumia 900 will be available at AT&T this doesn’t mean that others aren’t give out information.  In fact by the tweet above it’s very clear that it truly will be in the “next few months” as stated officially by Nokia at CES this week.

While spring may seem like a long time away spring is really only two months away. (starts in March) If AT&T has anything to do with it I am guessing they would like to get the Lumia 900 as early as possible. Between the combination of  exclusivity of the iPhone going bye bye and Nokia’s new commitment to being carrier friendly I have an odd feeling that you will see this phone on the AT&T’s shelves in late March.  AT&T  needs a new exclusive phone flagship device to get customers back in the door this spring.