Contest Time! High Tech Twitter Entry for Low Tech Prizes. Two Nokia Books!


Alright everyone it is contest time!! This time the prize is two books.  The first is   “Nokia: The Inside Story”.  I must be upfront with you and tell you that this is my personal copy of the book and I read it once or twice so it is “used”.  However it is a great book of Nokia History and is a must have for any Nokia Buff.

Book Description from

Throughout its long history, Nokia Corporation has played a substantial role in the Finnish economy and during recent years in the global economy. Its operations have expanded from pulp to paper to energy production, from rubber boots to car tyres, and from electric cables to computers, telephone exchanges and mobile phones. The company has evolved and expanded so quickly that even those who have lived through its development have sometimes had difficulty seeing the big picture. One question more than any other stands out in the Nokia story: what explains the company’s ernormous rise to become one of the world’s biggest companies in the 1990s? It is the first Finnish company with a name commonly known all over the world, so how did a Finnish company become a world-class enterprise? In January 1997, Nokia’s Board of Directors decided to document the company’s history and pivotal points of development to try and answer that question. “Nokia: the Inside Story “builds on that exercise, and aims to explain the choices and decisions that have steered Nokia’s growth. Drawing on key sources including the minutes, memos and correspondence of Nokia Corp., plus interviews with many of the individuals involved and their personal archives, this honest, reliable account provides unique insight into Nokia’s history.

Update!! There will now be Two Books given to the Winner!! Thanks to @DocMobile we will also be sending out a copy of  “The Nokia Revolution: The Story of an Extraordinary Company That Transformed an Industry”

Everyone knows Nokia the cell phone company, but no one really knows “about” them. What makes this company tick? How did they manage to take the competitive technology scene by storm? What did the company do before it became a global powerhouse? This book supplies an in-depth, behind-the-scenes examination of the Finnish company’s history, its successful business strategies, and its breakthrough technological innovations.

Want to know how to win?  All you have to do is think of two numbers between 1 and 500 follow me on Twitter (if you don’t already) and Tweet those two numbers to me using the hashtag #NokiaBook.  @NokiaKnowings

So here is what your tweet should look like

@NokiaKnowings 152, 145 #NokiaBook

The person who gets closest to the number I am thinking of gets the prizes.  What’s the second number for you say? Glad you asked. If two people guesses on the first number are a tie we move on to the second number.  If we still have a tie than we will do a Twitter round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. (Not even joking on that.)

All guesses must be sent in by Wednesday, January 18th Midnight EST. Winner will Announced Friday, January 20th by Noon EST.  Winner will sent a Direct Message and a Tweet will be put out to announce the winner.  (Twitter handle will be used only)

Everyone Got it?  Good Luck!