Smaterphone OS Screenshots and Video


With Nokia buying the Smarterphone OS it got me curious on what this OS looked like and how it operated. As I was gathering information for myself I thought perhaps the readers would like to know also. So I gathered up a bunch of screenshots and even some videos for you to look at.  Enjoy!


Communication screenshots:



Twitter Client:



Uploading a Video to Facebook:



Media Player:


Camera Interface:



Tools: Weather, Calculator, Timer, etc..

Games: (java based)



Contacts interface:



Calendar Interface:



Settings Screens:

While not all of this operating system is as polished as I’d like, you have to remember that this is just a starting point for Nokia to tweak. But you also have to remember that this OS will go on phones with an upper end price point of 75USD.

Initial thoughts on Smarterphone anyone?

Via: Smarterphone