Cute Tube App is Now Available for Symbian Devices


Let’s face it, if you have a Symbian device You Tube is not really your friend. The experience is bad, the video quality is so, so, there is no way to download video’s to your phone etc….

Well that is all about to change with Cute Tube.

cuteTube is a fully featured YouTube client that allows you to browse, search, play, upload and download YouTube videos. You can also manage your uploads, favourites, playlists and subscriptions.

It has been getting some outstanding reviews at the Nokia Store, and I have had only a very limited time with app so I can’t give you a full on review. (seems to do what it says it does)

Since this app is not free and will set you back  2 dollars I am going to recommend that you jump over to All About Symbian and check out their review before you download this app.

When you are done reviewing and are ready to download you can do that here.