Does Windows Phone Build 8107 Fix the SMS Flaw?


Does everyone remember the SMS flaw/bug that could shut down your messaging hub with one text?  If not you can get yourself up to speed by reading this article.  There were some reports coming out stating that the new Windows Phone build 8107 had a fix in it that handled this flaw.

Than just an hour later there was this post from Tom Warren of the Verge that stated this.

So what is the truth?

While there is not a consensus in the community on it, most signs point to that there is no SMS fix in this update build. There are even some unconfirmed reports that this build was done before Microsoft was even aware of the SMS flaw itself.

I will try to keep on top of this one for you and if I here anything definite I will report back to you.  However in the mean time if you guys hear anything out there let me know in the comments or drop me a Tweet.

Via: NokiaMobileBlog