Nokia 900/Ace to be Given “Hero Status” by Microsoft/AT&T?


For a phone that has not even been officially announced yet the Nokia Lumia 900 all already has high exceptions here in the US.  According to a report by Beta News AT&T is giving “…it hero status. This means that AT&T itself will promote the device in its advertising, through its retail channels and direct store associates to push the device within its stores. “

We already know that Microsoft is will be doubling down on the Nokia 900 but why would AT&T?  I am thinking perhaps the Nokia 900 is AT&T’s new iPhone.  What I mean by that is since every carrier in world now can get an iPhone (plus the iPhone is starting to lose steam here)  it is no longer drawing people to carrier like it previously did.  Now AT&T is betting that they can bring people back into the store and jump start the “3rd ecosystem” with the exclusive Nokia 900.

Their sources also state that there will a 200 million dollar marking push for this device. (although it is not clear if this just by AT&T or AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft)  No one knows for sure if a marking campaign of this size will jump start Nokia and Windows Phones here in the states but I am guessing it will.

Hero status also means that AT&T clerks/salespeople will no longer be hiding Windows Phones in the back of the store but it will be on display in the front of the store for everyone to see.  Plus there will apparently be sales incentives of around $10-15 per handset sold. This always works here stateside it even got people to buy the Blackberry Torch. Sadly most people are not even aware that you can buy unlocked phones here.

There is also talk of a 2nd hero device coming to AT&T from Nokia if the 900 sales are good. This is supposed to hit for the 4th qtr/Holiday shopping season. This lines up with rumors that are starting to bubble up about another Nokia Windows Phone will be even more spec’d up than the 900.

Via: Beta News  winsupersite