Yikes! ChevronWP7 “Out of” Unlock Tokens? Update


ChevronWP7 sells tokens that will allow you to “unlock” your Windows Phone while still keeping your warranty in tact.  This would allow you to sideload all types of cool apps for your Windows Phone including a theme app.

This WAS a huge part of my Nokia Windows Phone plans in 2012.  Note I used the word was in the last sentence not is because it seems that Chevron is out of tokens and doesn’t plan on restocking them.

While I don’t understand how they could run out of tokens…this puts a serious cramp in my plans to re-Nokiafy my future Nokia Windows Phone. I have started to reach out to Chevron to get to the bottom of this mystery and will get back to you as soon as I figure out what is going on here.

Update: It’s seems that Chevron could only sell 10,000 unlock token as per their agreement with Microsoft and they do not feel like re-negotiating a new agreement right now. I have a feeling that will change in the future but the unlock token will cost just a little more next time around.