So Guess What the Worlds #1 Mobile Operating System Still Is?


So the Number are out for 2011 and guess which Operating System is still the number one OS by a LARGE margin?

That’s right, the left for dead Symbian platform it ended up with a whopping 33.63% of market share followed by iOS and Android with slightly under 24% each.

The real stunner here is that if you look at the chart more and more people chose to buy Symbian as the year when on knowing it was a “dead platform” and it actually rose in popularity as the year went on.

In contrast the mighty iOS that everyone seems to think is taking over the world lost users in 2011.  I am thinking this is part stale OS, and part mass Android adoption. Whatever it is Apple has to do something to win more converts and fast before they are sitting on the next “burning platform”.

What do these number really mean? Not a whole lot unless another OEM picks up Symbian as their main OS and I really don’t see that happening. First Symbian and Nokia are so interlinked right now in the public’s eye that I can’t see anyone displacing that image. Plus Symbian’s public persona is so bad with the 66% of non Symbian users out there that Nokia bailed as opposed to doing a massive PR campaign on it.  I am just guessing that no one else would want to fight the good fight either for it.

Via:  webpronews