Movie Olive (Shot Entirely on an N8) Being Considered for Academy Award Nominations


Does everyone remember  the movie Olive? The first feature movie to be shot entirely on a mobile phone. (If not check out my post on it here.)  The other day I received an email from it’s director  Hooman Khallili and he stated that it is being considered for a nomination for an Academy Award in two categories.

The first one is Ben Lear’s song IMAGINARY FRIENDS for best original song. You can check out the full list of 39 songs here from the Hollywood Reporter.  You can also listen to the song Imaginary Friends here on Ben Lears site.

The second one is for Gena Rowlands for best supporting actress. Gena has been Nominated for an Academy Award before and she is most recently known for her role in The Notebook, and her roles on NCIS /Monk.

So even though the film did not get a large distribution in the theaters it could still win an Oscar which is huge unto itself.