Looks Like MeeGo is Making Apple Fan Boys Drool


Drooling over the MeeGo interface and wishing they would make it for your Symbian phone? You are not alone.  In fact one iOS user wanted it so bad he made a shell/theme so he could have the same experience as us N9 users. The screen shot above is not MeeGo but that shell for the iPhone.

It’s called Dream Board.

Dream board is a theme-a platform that allows jail broken iPhone and iOS operating system view it is possible to edit a variety of themes, and user interfaces. Jailbreak means that the iPhone’s closed operating system iOS file system is broken and the device can be made to install a third-party applications.


Looks pretty good right? It is not fully functional as it can only do your Twitter feed on first screen. But perhaps this gives hope that someone will make a MeeGo shell for Symbian based touch screen phones?

Via: taskumuro