Post Update: The Nokia Lumia 900 to Come in New Colors?


From the department of “how did I miss that?” someone over at MyNokiaBlog is a little more observant than me. In the recent post I did about the Lumia 800 coming in different colors soon there was problem.

It seems that maybe just maybe the phone we were looking was not the Nokia 800 at all but the Nokia 900 (aka Ace).  They claim to see a placement difference on the Windows Buttons which I would totally miss.

However the one thing that I did miss and should have caught is what seems to be a front facing camera!  The Nokia 800 does not have front facing camera the phones in the pictures do. If you look really close at the picture above you will see a front facing camera on the top left corner of the phone.

So is this phone the Nokia 900? I don’t know but soon all will be answered  at CES in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait!

Via: MyNokiaBlog