Nokia Lumia 800 About to Become More Colorful?


Microsoft France put on what they called “showroom Windows Phone” and all the big Windows Phone manufacturers were there. (HTC, Acer, Samsung, Nokia)  According to the information I could gather Nokia is studying new colors for the 800 and gave a little preview of those colors there.

The only real new color I see in the above picture is the yellow one in the middle. There is a white 800 in the back however since the N9 already comes in white that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

As per why this picture is not really a clear one is anybody’s guess. Normally when these type of presentations are made the pictures taken are clearer and crisper.

Is there any color that you think Nokia should make the 800 in?  The orange N8 was pretty sharp looking phone, and there is no silver 800 yet.

Via: MonWindowsPhone