Nokia Belle Rollout To Be Quicker Less Painful Than Anna


Does anyone remember how much fun it was checking online everyday on various sites praying that maybe, just maybe you would get a snippet of  information of when the Anna roll out would come to your country?

No one? Yeah that is what I thought, well good news! Nokia is promising a quicker roll out with Belle this time. In fact they claim it’s going to be all done “at about the same time” everywhere!

So does this mean we will all get the Belle update in February of 2012? My guess would be no. However this does mean that here in North America will won’t be waiting for the Belle roll out while other parts of the world are flashing Nokia Carla. (As was the case with the Anna update)

This is welcome news indeed and I can’t wait to get my hands on Belle sooner than I expected.

Via: MyNokiaBlog

Thanks for the Heads up memopoblete