Microsoft/Nokia Were In Joint Talks to Buy Blackberry? Plus Other More Important Questions.


According to a report in  The Wall Street Journal  Microsoft and Nokia were seriously considering making a bid to buy ailing handset maker Blackberry (aka RIM) jointly.

My first thought on this one is wow!! That would have shown the world that Nokia is in it for the long haul and back on track buying out RIM!   I don’t even care why Nokia would buy RIM it would just be HUGE for Nokia.

Microsoft already has close ties to RIM, from the Bing being the search engine on BB phones all the way down to map services used on the phones. This would be just the next logical step for Microsoft.

My second thought was…Oh boy what is exactly in that agreement between Microsoft and Nokia from earlier this year?  How tightly interwoven are Microsoft and Nokia right now that they would even consider buying a company together?  Is Nokia about to become the next Motorola?  I am the only one that noticed this? Or even thinking this way?

My third thought was…Now the “Nokia’s Headquarters is staying in Finland” announcement that came out of left field by Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop makes a little more sense to me now.

This is the point in the article where I sum everything up in a nice little two or three sentence paragraph for you right?  Maybe throw in a little humor to brighten your day and send you on your way with the Nokia warm and fuzzys. Not this time. While I still don’t buy into the whole “Microsoft is buying Nokia rumors” If this story is true the level of Nokia/Microsoft interconnection is a little deeper than I would like. Nokia has always been a strong forward thinking company, that strives to innovate, and differentiate with their products.  Quite frankly I am afraid this level of interconnection with Microsoft could potentially kill some of that quintessential Nokia trailblazing spirit.