Nokia Almost Got Into Gaming Systems in 2004?


According to a report from IGN what you may be looking at is Nokia’s attempt from way back in 2004 at a gaming controller. While the details are vague at this point what is “known” can be summed up like this:

This controller worked almost like a Wiimote, on the top and bottom there is a  trigger button, and the normal PlayStation like buttons on top. An editor from VG247 (a video gaming site) has claimed to have seen this controller and video of a someone playing motion controlled games with this device.

If this story is true one would have to wonder if  Nokia was planning on making go at the home gaming market in 2004..this would be hot on the heals of N-Gage.  Perhaps if N-Gage took off in a meaningful fashion a home gaming system would have been Nokia’s next logical step?