Nokia India Says: If It Moves We Can Stick an Ad on it


Nokia is getting really aggressive in India to keep it’s status as top dog. They are now going to stick ads on anything that moves literally.  According to Prashanth Mani Nokia India Western regional general manager.

 “This will be the biggest advertising and marketing blitz that Nokia India has launched…very soon you will see Jet Airways aircraft painted and branded with Nokia Lumia colours. We will also do the same with cars, taxis and buses.”

This marketing campaign is aimed at the “youth market” (isn’t that where all campaigns are aimed at these days?) early to mid 20’s. Nokia is trying to hook the “younger generation” on Nokia that they are slowly losing to Android in India.

  Advertising mobile phones on mobile objects seems to be makes sense to me being that a lot of the younger market will be using public transportation to get back and forth on their daily commute.

Via: zomgitscj