Nokia 803? Picture From a Manual: Now We Have a Phone for the Case?


Are the dots starting to connect on the rumored successor to the Nokia N8 the Nokia 803? The picture above is from and is supposed to have come from the user manual of the yet unreleased Nokia 803.

While I don’t think you are looking at the N8 successor (too many buttons on the bottom/screen to small¬† looks more like a 5800/500 upgrade to me) you are looking at a slim device with a nice camera on it.

Plus this “picture” of the Nokia 803 matches up with the mystery case that I reported on last week

We don’t know much more about this device expect that:

  • It will be a Symbian device (No Windows Phone Buttons)
  • Rumored NFC capable
  • Running a 1Ghz processor
  • 3.5 inch Clear Black Display Screen
  • Perhaps the first Nokia Phone with “True Zoom”

For those of you who try to keep track of these matters the FCC model number is rumored to be RM-807.

Pic Via: Nokia Mobile Blog