T-Mobile and Nokia Have Something Big Planned for December 14th


By the looks of the invitation  above T-Mobile and Nokia have something big up their sleeve planned for the 14th. Now the big question is what?

My best guess here (again this is only a guess)  it is the Nokia 710 T-Mobile branded and renamed the Nokia Sword. The 710 landing on T-Mobile rumor has been around for a few months now and is even further pushed along by this drawing of the 710 with T-Mobile branding on the front of it.

The above picture came straight from the FCC documents in the manual portion of the report.

While this would be exciting enough on it’s own, perhaps Nokia has a pair phones planned for the T-Mobile Network.  It is awfully odd that Nokia has reserved a HUGE space at CES in January yet doesn’t have a Keynote speech planned.  I can’t imagine  filling up all that space with just one phone…could you?

Via: The Nokia Blog   The Verge