New N9 Update PR1.2 v22.2001.11.2 on Navifirm


Whilst I still am not 100% sure what Navifirm truly is I do know this, after something shows up on it an update shows up on my phone very shortly afterward.   This is why I am so happy to see an update for for the N9 show up.

PR1.2 v22.2001.11.2 is now showing up on Navifirm and according to MeeGo Experts here is the list of updates coming with this new firmware update.

  • In the handling of applications Added a button to manage applications.
  • The interface now separates the camera flash options (and camera UI was already very awesome)
  • In the video recording interface separated the icon to turn the LED flash.
  • The buttons have a new style
  • On display there is a new option settings Color Profile
  • Settings Gallery has a new option for face recognition
  • The menu to display an image and has a new option “Insert face”

Once this update rolls out I will download it immediately and let everyone know exactly what changes were included in this package.