App Review: Contact Launcher for the N9


I recently installed Contact Launcher on my N9 and it’s a pretty good little app for dollar. Simply put it lets you pin your contacts onto your “app homepage” for easy access and it does it well.

Not only will it let you use the names and numbers you have on phone but it also seems to pull from your Facebook account too! It is simple to add people to your app screen all you do is push the “add” button on the list of contacts and presto they appear like any other program on your homescreen.

My only complaint about this program is that if your contact has a picture the button is square not a “squircle” as advertised.  But other than that it’s a real handy app that makes my life a little easier.

Update: There was an updated version of this app and now everyone is in a squircle on my homescreen! yay!!

You can download it here, or just use the Nokia Store on your phone.