Microsoft Will Uninstall Apps From Windows Phone to Stop Piracy


It seems that Microsoft will take steps to protect what is theirs/developers on all fronts.  Turn by Turn GPS Navigation has had their program XAP pirated. Not only was it pirated it was also turned into an a free app which was apparently download A LOT.  Microsoft than took the free app out of the Marketplace and took things a step further by deleting the app directly from user phones.

So how many deletes are we talking about here?  My best guess would be somewhere in the range of  a thousand.  This app normally runs about 36 Euro and once Microsoft found the found the offending computer they proceeded to go after the owner for 40,000 Euro.

Normally I would be up in arms about a company deleting an app from a phone automatically with out the owners consent however….Here Microsoft is just righting  a wrong they themselves caused so I am going to give a pass.  But I am sure others will see it differently.

Via:  Plaffo