Is This Case of the New N8 Successor or Old Prototype Cases?


Ed over at Nokia Mobile Blog found this picture of what appears to be a case for a Nokia mystery phone. It seems to have the same general form factor as the N9/800 case but with a few key differences.

The hole for the camera housing is recessed plus the hole is significantly bigger than the casing for the N9/800. (see photo below)  If you look closely you will also notice  there is no hole for a power button these cases.

The two most logical conclusions this leads to is that either this case could be made for the N8 successor with a deep pocket and giant hole for the new massive camera it’s going to house….or you are looking at test run of cases for the N9/800 in the early stages when they didn’t figure out how to squeeze the camera into the SeaRay housing yet.

Would anyone care to share their thoughts on what we are looking at here?

Via: Nokia Mobile Blog