NFC pairing demo: Nokia Play 360° speakers and N9


I received a trial N9 64GB earlier this week from Nokia Connects team and first thing that I wanted to check out is the NFC pairing between my Nokia Play 360° speakers and N9.  I saw many of the Play 360° speakers being showcased at Nokia World.  This was a perfect opportunity for me to showcase to our readers the NFC pairing between the Nokia Play 360° speakers and N9.  The C7 and a few of the latest Belle handsets have NFC built in. I downloaded Spotify for MeeGo from the store and logged in with my credentials.  I opened a playlist and starting playing a random song.  I turned on the Nokia Play 360° speakers and on the N9 I went into settings, Devices, NFC.  I checked if NFC was turned on, and I left the ‘Confirm sharing and connecting’ option enabled. I brought the N9 near the Nokia Play 360° speakers and felt a vibration that indicated that a NFC connection was made.  On the N9 screen a connection request appeared and clicked to allow NFC connections.  A few seconds later another message appears that says a connection was established between the two NFC devices. The music from the N9 was transferred automatically to the speakers. You can adjust the volume either using the volume buttons on the speakers or from your N9. If you don’t own a NFC device, you will still be able to connect to the Nokia Play 360° speakers via BT or wired. I made a video of the pairing and have added it on YouTube.  Click on the link image below to watch the video.

Hope you enjoyed this article and video.  Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.