Just as I Thought…Lumia Sales Better Than Reported


Remember earlier in the week when that one guy (Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette) predicted that Lumia was tanking and no one was buying them?  Well the reports are coming in from stores/websites and they are telling a different story entirely.

On the website Vodafone UK  the Lumia is the 2nd most popular phone they are selling right now (behind the iPhone 4s) and in 3rd is the cyan version of the Lumia. (pre-order not released yet)  So one would imagine that if you would count all the colors of the Lumia together it would be the most popular phone on the site.

Than there are reports of stores all over running out of stock of the Lumia. The fact that Nokia reports that this is the best selling smartphone they released recently. Plus the fact that Nokia has just upped their order for the parts to make the Lumia from their suppliers. All these facts would indicate to me that Nokia will have no problem hitting their sales target with the Lumia.

Via: GSM Arena