Nokia BH-501: A Lot Headset for Not a Lot of Cash


With all the new laws going into effect on the about driving while talking on the phone and texting while driving, I decided to welcome myself to the year 2007 and buy myself a Bluetooth headset.

After a little bit of internet shopping I decided on the Nokia BH-501 they have been getting good reviews online and I found them on for under 30USD!

While these headphones are an older model they fit the bill nicely for what I wanted. First and foremost I need something that I could talk hands free when I am on the road and that is easy to slip on and off. These headphones slip on and of really easily without having to put anything into your inter-ear.

Second, I knew winter was coming and I wanted get a wireless earphones since the cord always got in my way when I was shoveling snow.  Plus it needed to be simple so I can use it with my gloves on.

The BH-501 is really a clean simple design, it’s an on the neck headset which is held to your ears by two rubber small rubber clips that rest top of the ear.

The whole headset is a three button operation.  The top button is a multifunction button it is the power, Bluetooth, call/end button etc.. The two other buttons are simply volume buttons, the one with two dots increases volume and the one with one dot decreases volume.

I found this design to comfortable and efficient. The clips held the headset to my ears snug without it being uncomfortable. It is to be noted that this headset’s band does not get bigger or smaller however even on my 4 year old the headset stayed snug on his ears so this seems not to be an issue.

As far as having using them to talk to someone on the phone it works fine. I have used them with automated voice control systems with no issue. Also I never got a complaint from anyone I was talking that I sound “far away” or “tinny” like I did with previous headsets I’ve used. I have read online that some people were having issues with the way that the other person sounded when they were talking but…I never had this issue.  This isn’t to say that listening to a person talk to you on the phone in stereo isn’t weird at first (it is) but every conversion was crisp, clear, and understandable.

When listening to music everything sounded great!!  While I must admit I am not an audiophile you could hear every detail in the music, and low end bass was as good as you could expect out of a headset this size.

The Bluetooth kept a good connection at distance, I don’t know if that reflects more on the BH-501 or the N8 I was testing it on.  At one point I was down the cellar, the phone was in the living room and the connection was not broken. Also pairing this headset for the first time was a fairly simple process, and after the initial paring it took hardly anytime at all.

There are some reviews out there that note of a construction of the headset as weak. While I didn’t experience this myself I could see where these would break if you used them at the gym resting the full weight of your head on them again, and again, and again.

Bottom line here is the BH-501 is a great little headset, it does all of it’s intended functions simply with a minimum of effort required by the user.  If you want “high end” headphones you should probably look elsewhere.  But if you want a good quality, no fuss, useable headset the BH-501 can’t be beat!