Nokia Sold 2.2 Million More Smartphones Than Apple Last Qtr


According to the latest figures from technology research firm Gartner, Apple sold 17.3 million iPhones and Nokia sold 19.5 Million smartphones during the last quarter.

I can hear all the Apple Fan Boys crying foul right now with the “everyone was waiting for the new iPhone to come out that is why Nokia sold more” argument.

You know what I say to that…poop!! That’s right poop!! Don’t you think Nokia had a little tougher road to hoe being that EVERY smartphone that got sold in the 3rd quarter was bought by customers who where FULLY AWARE that Symbian was “dead platform” and bought them anyway?

This means that Apple had to overcome that everyone knew that there was better hardware was coming out with the SAME OS.  But Nokia had to overcome that everyone knew there was better hardware coming out with a DIFFERENT OS and not only that, but everyone also knew that the OS they were buying was getting phase out very shortly.

Being a close observer of the industry this sales figures really do not shock me that much. What does shock me however is that there is no “major” tech blog also reporting these numbers.