Symbian Belle Coming Next Week?


Over at they seem to have pieced a  a puzzle together that would suggest that the Belle update will be rolling out as soon as NEXT WEEK.  I am not really sure if I believe it being I don’t think Canada has even received the Anna update yet.

However I remember a couple months back that it was stated that Belle would come out this year.  The link to my post on that is here.   Just the fact that didn’t come true make me leery of this new claim of next week. But since I do strive to give you all the Nokia information out there I will post the translated article below and let decide for yourself.


Return rumors and confirmations that the official Symbian Belle update would be released soon, although this time, rumours say that sooner than we think. DannyCanRock, DailyMobile Forum and user the same leaked first Symbian Belle for the N8 (once said that he was a worker of Nokia), said the following:

Or what translated means:
Boys think that they should be ready for the Belle update within a week or 10 days for the N8, E7, C7, which have a happy day :-)

But wait there is more, the official web site of Nokia Symbian Belle seems was released “by accident” a couple of hours ago saying that Belle was already available for download for certain devices Symbian ^ 3. Although it seems that they have already fixed, the site said what you see in the screenshot below.

Also, remember the official presentation of Symbian Belle from Hong Kong back for the month of October?, that day the guys from Nokia did a webinar live answering questions here, from where we received the following clarification which captured:

Translating a little bit, the text indicates that Symbian Belle be available officially the fourth quarter of the year for mobile S ^ 3, and we are already in the fourth quarter.

I would love for this article to be spot on and I would love to Belle on my N8 before the year is out but…I am still a little gun-shy of believing it because I was burned by the last rumor.  So I want to know, what do you guys think? Is Belle coming next week?

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