Hurray!! We’re Number Three?


Appcelerator did a survey of developer’s and found out that Window’s Phone now has the interest of 38% of developers eyes.  When asked why, a majority of them stated that are interested in Windows Phone because of Nokia deal.

This 38%  puts Windows Phone firmly in third behind iOS and Android in developers minds. (38% is an all time high for Windows Phone and is up 8% from last survey)  This is a quicker rise than I expected out of Windows Phone in the standings.  I mean developer’s only go where the money the is and if they are starting to shift toward Windows Phone and away from Blackberry this is a pretty good barometer of future success.

In fact these results caused IDC analyst Scott Ellison to say this:

“The third major mobile OS after iOS and Android is now clearly Windows, driven largely by the Microsoft / Nokia partnership and underscored by the new Nokia Lumia 800,”

So do I think that Microsoft is happy being number three?  No but right now it’s all about Windows Phone getting a foothold and staying around long enough to grow.

Via:  All Things D