N9 and Lumia 800 Same Camera Module: Why does the N9 Take Better Pictures?


Recently there has been a lot of talk about the Lumia 800’s picture taking ability vs the N9’s. Which made me wonder if they shared the same camera or if Nokia changed it on the the 800.  They did not…according to a tweet by Damian Dinning (Nokia’s Camera Phone Guru) in an on going tweet conversion he is having with Steve Litchfield of AAWP fame.

Every test I have seen is shows that N9’s camera takes better pictures than the 800’s camera. Which begs the question why? It’s a matter of software and Nokia is looking at a fix for it.

According to a conversion on the same topic between Michael Hell and Damian Dinning that the 800 will be getting a software update to bring the 800 camera update to the N9 level.


Does this change anyone’s mind on the Nokia 800 vs the N9? For better or worse?