Nokia Windows Phone Already Transforming the Windows Phone Landscape


While the Nokia blogosphere is complaining that Nokia didn’t do enough to differentiate it’s Windows Phone from all the other handsets out there, clearly Windows Phone users don’t feel the same way.

Case in point, Nokia Maps and Nokia Music.  It’s only been a few weeks since Nokia released them onto the world and immediately hackers started working to get them onto their Nokia Phones.

Perhaps I was too hard on Nokia for not making Windows Phone not “Nokia” enough..I mean I guess me/we as Nokia user have gotten to use to features that other OS’s just don’t have.  Nokia music is huge for me right now because it is a new feature for everyone. I want it on my N8….NOW!

I am guessing this is how the rest of the world feels about Nokia maps.  Most of the cell phone universe was not aware of the fact that Nokia phones have a true, no data connection needed, maps preloaded GPS inside of them.  Than when it was introduced on Windows Phones it immediately became a “must have” for the rest of the phone community, while it got a “ehh” from us Nokia users.

This hacking has become so widespread that Microsoft is starting to take action via software changes to close the loop hole already. All this excitement from the phone community for a base feature that is on every Nokia phone makes me feel a little smarter for choosing a Nokia phone from the start.  Anyone else feeling the same way?

Picture Via: Pocket Now